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Acoustique environnementale bandeauMECART’s pre-engineered modular acoustic panels can easily be configured and assembled into enclosures, screens, barriers and silencers to provide sound and vibration attenuation for indoor and outdoor industrial noise issues.

MECART’s soundproof solutions include acoustic enclosures, sound barrier walls and silencers. Our acoustic panels are prefabricated in our plant with heavy duty galvanized steel. We typically achieve 35dB to 50 dB sound reduction but can reach up to 70 dB. The insulation used for our projects is mildew resistant, vermin proof, fireproof and suitable for weather and temperature variations. The structural performance of our products follow building codes, ISO 9001, and are resistant to wind, snow and seismic conditions.

Whether working on existing noise problems or ensuring a successful new design, our in-house experts in acoustics, noise and vibrations will recommend effective solutions for your noise control issues.

 Long lasting
 Custom made
 Prefabricated
 High acoustical rating
 Weather resistant
 Easy assembly and disassembly, if needed.

Discover the advantages of MECART enclosures and barriers !

Mecart solutions are :


MECART Enclosures, Barriers and Acoustical absorption panels reduce existing noise levels in your environment.

MECART engineers evaluate your existing equipment and operations while designing your acoustical systems in order to meet specific workplace conditions.

Conceptual studies or projected acoustical studies are used to determine optimal solutions.

MECART guarantees the results.


Complaints, grievances and potentiel legal proceedings are eliminated or minimized with MECART acoustical systems.

Avoid the trial and error approach with MECART!


MECART assesses your specific environment to select appropriate materials for your acoustical system.

Choices include galvanized steel with high-performance thermal paint or stainless steel for extreme conditions.

Special attention is paid to overall tightness, resistance to corrosive agents and extreme outdoor weather conditions to ensure maximum durability.

5 year warranty.

Flexible and Adaptable

MECART modular systems offer unmatched design flexibility.

Shape, structure, accessibility, assembly and dismantling are customized by our engineers to meet your needs.

Designed to make changes easy, when needed.

Everything is possible with MECART!


MECART modular/panelized system makes installation fast and easy under the supervision of a MECART expert, with or without your staff.

MECART’S short lead time from design to installation allows you to meet your deadlines.

MECART is fast to offer customized solutions!


Toll free : 866 4 MECART (866-463-2278)