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MECART modular / panelized  Electrical Service Buildings (ESB), E-Rooms and E-Houses protect your valuable equipment against harsh environments and air contaminants while providing a safe workplace for technical staff.

Discover the advantages of MECART Electrical Enclosures!

Mecart solutions are :


MECART modular/panelized E-Houses are designed to meet specific Equipment Manufacturer’s requirements and even to exceed them (loading capacity, floor opening, access for maintenance, etc.).

MECART makes your equipment last longer!


MECART modular/panelized E-Houses’ flawless design and manufacturing make them allmost maintenance free.

Controlled envrionment E-Houses reduce maintenance and servicing costs of your electrical equipment.

MECART E-Houses: a good return on investment!


MECART assesses your specific environment in order to select appropriate materials for your E-Houses.

Choices include galvanized steel with high-performance thermal paint or stainless steel for extreme conditions.

Special attention is paid to overall tightness (water, dust oil, fumes, etc.). For outdoor installations, resistance to wind, ice, extreme temperature fluctuations and corrosion are also taken into account.

5 year warranty.

Flexible and Adaptable

MECART modular systems offer unmatched design flexibility for your E-Houses.

Simply remove panels to access/change your equipment. Modify it to add new equipment.

Designed to make changes easy, when needed.

Everything is possible with MECART!


Assembled in your plant with or without your staff, installation of the panelized system is fast and easy under the supervision of a MECART expert.

Even faster, the building can be pre-assembled at the MECART plant with your equipment in it and simply delivered to where you need it.

Meet your deadlines with MECART!


Toll free : 866 4 MECART (866-463-2278)