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modular_control_roomAt MECART we are proud to consider ourselves one of the leaders in the North American noise reduction industry. Established in 1974, MECART has been providing its industrial clients with quality products in a wide range of markets such as the pulp and paper, electricity, metals and mining, wood, medical, textile, aerospace to name but a few. We offer a wide range of products such as plant offices, control rooms, acoustical panels and enclosures, quality-control laboratories, industrial HVACs and many more.

We pride ourselves with over 3 000 completed industrial noise reduction and air treatment projects. Our customers understand that on-time delivery and remaining within their budgets are essential aspects of our company’s long-standing reputation. With a quality management system that is registered ISO 9001-2008, all of our products are custom engineered to meet your exact needs.

MECART modular/panelized Control rooms and Operator Booths provide your staff with a controlled work environment, in conformity with workplace Health and Safety standards and requirements. They can be strategically located anywhere in your plant.

Mecart solutions are :


MECART modular/panelized Control Rooms and Operator Booths create a productive workplace.

Intense noise, vibrations, extreme heat, cold, dust and other serious contaminants are no match for MECART!

Position your operators where they need to be, in complete safety.


MECART modular/panelized Control Rooms and Operator Booths deliver rapid return on investment.

A well controlled workplace environment increases productivity, decreases Health & Safety costs and ensures overall staff satisfaction.

MECART Control Rooms and Operator Booths : a good return on investment!


MECART assesses your specific environment in order to select appropriate materiels for your Control Rooms, Operator Booth and Air systems.

Choices include galvanized steel with high-performance thermal paint and stainless steel for extreme conditions.

Special attention is paid to overall tightness and resistance to corrosive agents.

5 year warranty.

Flexible and Adaptable

MECART modular/panelized system offers unmatched design flexibility for your Control Rooms or Operator Booths.

Create a functional layout plan perfectly adapted to your needs. Designed to make changes easy, when needed.

Everything is possible with MECART!


Assembled in your plant with or without your staff, installation of the panelized system is fast and easy under the supervision of a MECART expert.

Even faster, the building can be pre-assembled at the MECART plant and simply delivered to where you need it.

Meet your deadlines with MECART!


MECART modular/panelized Control Rooms and Operator Booths respect Building Code standards.

MECART is certified ISO 9001-2008 : MECART analyses your needs and makes an exhaustive list of imputs of which the impact is often underestimated. We then evaluate them at the engineering level.

MECART guarantees the results.


Toll free : 866 4 MECART (866-463-2278)