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Cleanrooms, Laboratories

  • Modul-Air brand modular/panelized Clean Rooms using the exclusive MECART concept.
  • Precis-Air brand air systems, the ideal complement to accurately control your clean room’s air conditions.
  • Laboratories.

si_salle-controle_accueilCabins, Control rooms, Offices

  • Modular/panelized Control Rooms, Operator Booths, offices and enclosures created to provide a productive, noise-free, vibration-free, heat, humidity and contaminant controlled environment.
  • Custom-made enclosures, barriers and silencers.

Mecart E-Room

Electrical rooms

  • Modular / panelized Electrical Service Buildings (ESB), E-Rooms and E-Houses, using the exclusive MECART concept.

Acoustical Enclosures and Barriers

  • Customized solutions for the control of sound and vibrations in an outdoor environment.
  • Panels, enclosures, barriers and silencers.


  • Soundproof and vibration-free modular/panelized studios for recording, radio stations, music schools and other applications.
  • Custom sound level balancing by MECART.

INDEX_IMAGES-ED-4 Absorbing panels, enclosures, acoustical doors, silencers

  • High performance acoustical doors and windows, laboratory tested up to STC 70.


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